How To Prepare Your Home for The Fall/Winter

Getting your house ready for the fall and winter cold weather in New Jersey is very important. Here are some quick tips for you to keep in mind as the seasons change!

Check Your Heating

Before it gets too cold, make sure you have an opportunity to test your heating system with the windows open. The air may smell when it first turns on after months of not being used. If you suspect any issues, contact a professional as soon as possible to avoid your system breaking down in the middle of winter! If you can’t remember the last time a professional looked at your heating system or changed the filters, you may want to consider calling a pro anyway.

Block Out the Cold

Sometimes, cold air sneaks in through small gaps in doors and windows. You can use weather-stripping or caulk to seal these spots. This step keeps the warm air inside your house and helps save money on heating bills.

Clean Gutters and Check the Roof

In the fall, leaves can block your gutters, and that's bad news when it rains or snows. You should certainly have this addressed before everything trapped in the gutter freezes over. It’s also a good idea to have someone look at the roof while the gutters are being cleaned. If there are any visible issues, call a pro to have them fixed right away.

Winterize Your Pipes

Water in pipes, especially outdoor ones, can freeze and cause the pipes to break. Wrap any pipes that are outside or in cold areas with materials to keep them warm. Also, remember to drain water from outdoor taps and hoses before temperatures start to drop.

Get Ready for Storms

Fall and winter storms tend to create different challenges than in the warmer months. For instance, trees and branches are more likely to damage homes and power lines in these seasons. Take a look at the trees surrounding your home to make sure they don’t appear dead or likely to fall. Also, keep extra batteries, flashlights, blankets, and such easily accessible in the event of an extended power outage.

Keep these tips in mind as we enjoy the beautiful changing of the seasons in New Jersey!

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